we’re moving!!! oh and also we're opening an online store... just fyi


Since our launch in February, you have continued to surprise us with your overwhelming support. In just 5 months we have… 

  • grown from stocking around 60 cheeses from 9 artisanal suppliers to 120 cheeses from 17 suppliers

  • served over 6,047 wonderful customers 

  • and gotten approximately one million requests for an online shop 


We have heard all your pleas, and have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you all of the awesome cheeses you deserve.

look at all you lovely people…❤️

look at all you lovely people…❤️


about our new home

Having outgrown our first home in Brixton market, we have found new premises:

20 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH

Our new shop is almost four times the size of our current store which means no more having to queue outside the shop! Plus we’ll have enough space to host plant-based events (we’ve already scoped out some great vegan wine to pair with our favourite cheeses), AND finally begin packaging products for our online shop…

We’re incredibly sad to be leaving Brixton but after months of landlord negotiations and endless property viewings we realised that the only choice we had was to move somewhere where we could acquire a larger space (and afford the rent). We did consider keeping our Brixton Market store open, finding a second store elsewhere, and running them both together, but then we remembered London rental prices and the fact that neither of our parents is Scrooge McDuck. 

Who knows what the future may hold, perhaps one day we’ll be able to return to Brixton Market and open a second store, but until then we think our new home in Cheshire Street will help us grow and is better suited to what our customers want from us.

Doors to our new home open on Saturday the 6th of July, but we will officially cease operations at Brixton market from the 1st of July. 

Operating hours at La Fauxmagerie [Cheshire Street] will be, as before:

Wednesday – Friday : 12pm-7pm

Saturdays: 11am-7pm

Sunday: 11am-6pm

but wait… there’s more!!

But for everyone outside of London, or people who cannot fathom why anyone would leave their beds when you have the internet at your fingertips (we feel you) – life is finally going to get easier with our online shop. 

We have been trying to set this up for some time now, but wanted to make sure we got this just right – we of course needed a bigger space to process orders, but more importantly we wanted to ensure our packaging was 100% made from recycled materials, 100% biodegradable, and 100% kerbside recyclable. 

We also wanted to ensure that the packaging we use was able to keep your fresh cheeses cold for a minimum of 24 hours. After extensive testing (which included sending cheese to our grandparents in the depths of the Welsh Valleys, and having them report back on cheese temperatures – big thanks to Gran & Grandad, the real OG’s) we have finally selected a packaging that ticks all of our boxes.

Our Online Shop will be LIVE and ready to take your orders on Wednesday 3rd of July at 9am!

You’ll be able to check out the store at the link below:

link to online shopping

add it to your bookmarks, tell your friends, we can’t wait!!

*Some boring details: 

  • We will have a minimum order of £25. This is to ensure that we’re minimising our carbon footprint by not using large packaging to ship small orders across the country  

  • Orders received before 1pm will be processed & shipped out by the next working day, orders after 1pm will be processed & shipped out in 2 working days

  • We’ve opted to only send out parcels from Monday-Thursday to avoid the all too common occurrence of fresh food packages going missing on weekends, only to mysteriously show up again on Monday all warm and stinky…


All this and more in just over 5 months – we simply could never have gotten to where we are without a dedicated community of vegan cheese lovers. And so we are going to continue to meet our commitment to working with the best independent suppliers, and bringing you the best plant-based cheeses out there.

Ollie Monk