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Dandelion Flower Honee

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A deliciously sweet vegan 'honee' made with foraged dandelion flowers.

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This vegan honey alternative is packed with pollen collected by people, not bees. Made with dandelion flowers, this versatile syrup is thinner than honey and contains half the sugar, making it perfect for experimenting in the kitchen, especially in baking, cocktails, salad dressings, and much more.

Fruits Of The Forage are a vegan certified preserves company whose passion lies in foraging wild fruit that would otherwise go to waste from abandoned orchards and forgotten fruit trees around England and Wales.

They then match these beautiful heritage fruits with wild foraged plants to create an award-winning range of preserves and cordials, capturing a unique and sustainable taste of the British landscape.



Raw cane sugar (55%), water, dandelion flowers (13%), lemon.

Refrigerate once open. Suitable for Vegans.

Each bottle contains 250ml of honee.

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