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The Christmas Banquet

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Our long-awaited Christmas Banquet, packed with our most delicious artisanal cheeses and accompaniments for the grandest plant-based cheeseboard yet!

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    Dine in style this Christmas with our Christmas Banquet (basket not included), packed with our most mouthwatering cheeses and artisanal accompaniments.

    This banquet features our bestsellers, the Camemvert and Brixton Blue, along with firm favourites like the striking Nerominded and the festive White Cheddar & Cranberry.

    We've got the creamy You Say Tomayto, and we've spiced things up with Kimzcheeze before adding the delicious Miner Threat for a bold umami hit.


    Banquet Menu

    1. Camemvert - La Fauxmagerie - 160g
    2. Brixton Blue - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
    3. Balham Blue - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
    4. Shoreditch Smoked - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
    5. Clapton Chive - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
    6. Miner threat - I Am Nut Ok - 115g
    7. Nerominded  - I Am Nut Ok - 115g
    8. Pretendsleydale - Honestly Tasty - 100g
    9. Farmhouse  - Kinda Co - 120g
    10. You Say Tomayto - Strictly Roots Vegan - 100g
    11. Kimcheeze - Palace Culture - 145g
    12. Fig and Plum Chutney - La Fauxmagerie - 205g
    13. Miller's Harvest Three Seed Crackers -125g
    14. Miller's Damsel Charcoal Wafers -125g

    Ingredients and Nutrition

    Allergens: almonds, cashew, soy, mustard, sulfites, celery and gluten. 

    For further information on ingredients and nutrition, please visit the individual product pages. 

    *If you would prefer gluten-free crackers, please add a note to your order stating this.

    Shelf Life & Storage

    Our cheeses will last 10-21 days from delivery if kept refrigerated (many can also be frozen). Once cheeses are opened, it's best to remove their packaging and place in a container to maintain freshness. 

    All other products will last weeks to months from delivery and will come with their own best before dates and advice on shelf life once the products are opened.

    Delivery Options

    Your delivery date will be determined by the option you choose on this product page, which will range from Monday 18th to Thursday 21st December. 

    Collections from our shop (20 Cheshire Street, Shoreditch, E2 6EH) will also be available from the 15th-17th December, and from the 20th-24th of December. You can add your preferred pickup date in the “Notes” section at the checkout.


    You will notice a delivery calendar at our checkout that only offers dates in the next seven days. 

    Please choose any date on this calendar and proceed with your order as usual. This date can be ignored,  as your Christmas Banquet will be delivered between 18th-21st December (depending on the option you chose), if you have chosen delivery.

    Please note that any additional items that are not in the Banquet will be refunded, and will need to be ordered separately for delivery before December. This applies to all orders containing Christmas Banquets made from the 1st of November.

    For more information, please read our FAQs.

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