La Fauxmagerie

The 'Veganuary' Selection

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A cheese bundle of our most popular, delicious cheeses from our own brands and some of our favourite suppliers!

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Find 6 varieties of vegan cheeses from our kitchen and some of our suppliers, showcasing the different products available, and a spin on our Introduction to Veganism selection!


  1. Faux Lox- Kinda Co - 140g
  2. Cranberry- Kinda Co - 120g
  3. Peppahh - I am Nut Ok- 110g
  4. Kimcheeze - Palace Culture - 150g
  5. Brixton Blue - La Fauxmagerie - 100g 
  6. Fondue au Fauxmage-  La Fauxmagerie - 500g


Once cheeses are opened, it's best to remove their packaging and place in a container to maintain freshness. 

For specific allergen, shelf life and storage information, please refer to individual product pages listed above.

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