our suppliers

We are thrilled to be working with these dedicated artisans, whose passion and talent have made it possible for us to gather a superb range of cheeses for our customers to enjoy.

I Am Nut Ok

With such inventive and fantastic flavour combinations as Chipotle & Goji and Black Truffle & Turmeric, creators Angela and Nivi ensure that every one of their products live up to their motto “more daring than dairy”. Using a mix of contemporary and traditional techniques before going through a process of fermentation and ageing, I Am Nut OK create mouthwatering products that aren’t just dairy cheese replacements, but are delicious in their own right!


Black Arts Vegan

Lue, the founder of Black Arts Vegan is on a mission to create the textures and flavours that have made cheese such an everyday staple in most peoples diets. Lue knows firsthand how a lack of cheese can make it difficult to embrace a fully vegan lifestyle, and after 10 years working in Biological Science she’s using her scientific wizardry to create a range of cheeses that will melt, brown, and taste just like dairy cheese! All of Black Arts Vegan’s products are soy-based and many are completely nut-free.


Kinda co.

Our fellow cheese addict Ellie Brown founded Kinda Co. in late 2017 in her very own kitchen. After crafting her own recipes and selling her creations at local markets, her business has now grown to a full commercial kitchen in Hackney producing nine varieties of addictive, nut-based vegan cheese. Kinda Co. has since gone on to win awards from the Speciality Food Magazine and have even had their products shortlisted by The Independent!


Tyne Chease

The award winning Tyne Chease is lovingly handmade by acclaimed vegan cheese artisan, Ami J. Tadaa, in the North East of England using the finest organic ingredients.  Tyne Chease use vegan cultures to give their products an authentic cheesy taste and to allow their cheese to continue maturing for days after it’s produced. We love their bold use of spices and wide range of flavour combinations. Tyne Chease invites everyone to ‘taste a slice from the cheaseboard of the future’.                   


Naturally Vegan Food Company

Three years ago Jonathan Moore sold kitchens. Now he’s one of the UK’s top vegan cheese makers. From his tiny kitchen in Northamptonshire, he’s founded a thriving food business the Naturally Vegan Food Company which manufactures vegan cheeses. NVFC products are one of La Fauxmagerie's biggest sellers and you only have to have a single sample to find out why. All of their packaging is fully compostable and a huge amount of work has gone into ensuring their production techniques reduce their carbon footprint every step of the way.


Good Food by Sumear

Sumear, also known to his loyal instagram followers as "Crummy Summy" is an ex dairy cheese producer based in Bristol and specialises in producing real authentic hard cultured vegan cheeses. By creating the cultures from scratch and understanding the science of "traditional" cheesemaking, Sumear is able to develop a well rounded cheese that achieves a familiar texture with a unique and delicious taste.



We’re also proud to stock other fantastic suppliers including The Nutcrafter Creamery, New Roots, Raw Food Rosie, Nush, and many more…