About Us

Our Story

We are La Fauxmagerie, the UK’s first plant-based cheesemonger. Together with our suppliers, we bring you the UK’s most delicious, decadent and inspired plant-based cheeses fit for the finest cheese board. Whether you are looking for alternatives to dairy for ethical or health reasons, or whether you are simply looking for your next culinary adventure, we've got you covered.

Find us in Purezza, Camden and indulge in our wide variety of plant-based cheeses. We have cheeses for every purpose: melting, grating, spreading, relishing and devouring! We also offer a range of plant-based preserves, breads, and accoutrements to add the perfect final touches to your cheese banquet.

Our mission

  • To curate a selection of the finest plant-based cheeses the UK has to offer
  • To ensure our customers do not have to compromise on flavour or tradition as society transitions to a more plant-based future
  • To challenge the ideas we have about our everyday favourite foods and to allow us to fall in love with them all over again


Our ethics

  • At La Fauxmagerie we believe the future is plant-based
  • We work hard to ensure all our products are 100% free of animal products
  • Reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible
    • Please be aware that cheeses ordered online are sometimes wrapped in plastic by our suppliers for health and safety purposes, and to protect the products' shelf life and reduce food waste. 
  • We welcome all who come to our store, no matter their diet or lifestyle choice, be it vegan, lacto-free, or omnivorous


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