The Cheese Cellar

Join us for a night at The Cheese Cellar @ La Fauxmagerie (20 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH) and indulge in the world's most delicious vegan wine and cheese pairings. You can make your booking here on Resy.

Together with our award-winning sommelier, Clara Rubin, we've sourced an incredible list of small batch, vegan wines that marry beautifully with a wide selection of our cheeses. We've even teamed up with local, organic bakery, Fabrique, to select the perfect accoutrements for each course.

Browse our menu (below) and choose from several bold and distinct courses, carefully curated by our sommelier and the La Fauxmagerie Team, who will be your hosts for an evening of artisanal, plant-based indulgence.











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