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A delicious bundle of La Fauxmagerie's very own range of artisanal fauxmage.  

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Crafted in La Fauxmagerie's very own vegan cheese aging facility, this bundle is the perfect treat for lovers of traditional cheeses like blue cheese, soft-rind cheeses and cheddars.

To top it off, we've included a slice of our sweeter and milder Balham Blue, plus a slice of our herby Clapton Chive as the perfect addition to your plant-based cheeseboard.


  1. Brixton Blue - La Fauxmagerie - 100g 
  2. Truffle Camemvert - La Fauxmagerie - 180g 
  3. Shoreditch Smoked - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
  4. Balham Blue - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
  5. Clapton Chive - La Fauxmagerie - 100g
  6. Fig & Plum Chutney - 200g
  7. Poppy Seed Crackers- Peters Yard 


Once cheeses are opened, it's best to remove their packaging and place in a container to maintain freshness. 

For specific allergen, shelf life and storage information, please refer to the individual product pages listed above.

*Please note chutney and crackers options may vary due to stock availability!



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